October 29, 2018

The Arkansas CW Crew checks out Room 210 at the Basin Park Hotel

After our ghost tour through the Basin Park Hotel it was time to check out one of the first two room we would be staying in.  First was room 210.  Just walking down the hallway to the first room was quite the experience for the crew.  We heard footsteps when there was no one there and our hair stood straight up on our arms as if someone had rubbed static electricity on them.  There were also orbs in the hallways, as you can see in the picture posted above.  This is article two of three.  Follow us through our journey below. 

Part 4 -In Room 210

Part 5 -In Room 210

Part 6 -In Room 210

Part 7 -Heading to room 310

There is some supernatural stuff going in the next episode! So check out the third article!

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