February 15, 2018

40/29 Get Ready Weather Launches New Way to Help You Stay Safe

We had a chance to speak with Darby Bybee about 40/29 Get Ready Weather's new way to help viewers stay safe.  

40/29 Get Ready Weather made some changes this week to better prepare viewers for impactful days that could affect their lives.  These days will be referred to Impact days and Severe Days. (see icons to right) For more about the changes please check out the interview below.

Darby Bybee explains 40/29 Get Ready Weather New icons.

Impact Days would be days the weather could cause a nuisance to your daily plans.  
List of Impact weather events:  
Rain showers
Heat/Humid Days
Dense Fog
WildFire Danger
 High Winds  
Freezing Temperatures 

Severe Days would be days that the weather could be life threatening to you or your family.  

List of Severe Weather Events:  
Snow and Ice 
Snow Storms
Freezing Rain
 Ice Storms
Severe Thunderstorms
Straight Line Winds

If you see the Severe Day icon show up at the top of our blog please go to 4029tv.com/weather or over the air tune into The Arkansas CW or 40/29 News for updates during Severe Weather so that you can be better prepared.