October 12, 2017

World Premiere of "6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain" -Cast and Crew talk about the Film

The Bentonville Film Festival kicked off the season with the the world premiere of "6 Below: Miracle On The Mountain". It was held last night at the AMC theater in Fayetteville. 
"6 Below: Miracle On The Mountain" is a true story about Olympic hockey player Eric LeMarque (played by Josh Harnett), a double amputee and his struggle for survival as he is lost in a massive winter storm in the Sierras. He was pushed to the limits of human endurance while fighting his own personal demons.   

The film will be released in theaters for one night only on Oct 12th and will be available to watch VOD plus digital HD after Oct 13th.  

Eric LeMarque, Cast members, Director and producers attended the premiere.  From Left to Right:  Greg Renker, executive producer,   Sarah Dumont, actress and cast member, Scott waugh, director, Eric LeMarque, Olympic hockey player, Mira Sorvino, Actress and cast member, Tucker Tooley, Producer, Simon Swart, producer.  We had a chance to talk to them, click below to watch their interviews and photo gallery.

Interview: Eric LeMarque, writer and Olympic hockey player

Interview with Mira Sorvino, plays role as Susan Lemarqe, Mother of Eric in the film.

Interview with Sarah Dumont, plays the role as the head of the sky patrol in the film.

Interview with Scott Waugh, Director

Interview with Tucker Tooley, Producer

Photo Gallery