October 30, 2017

The Crew Checks Out the Haunted Crescent Hotel

As part of our Do The Ozarks Halloween series, The Arkansas CW Crew went back this year to the  famous haunted hotel The Crescent Hotel.  Built in 1886, the first 15 years it served the carriage set and was a exclusive year round hotel resort.  
1937 to 1940 the college closed and it open as the Baker's Cancer Curing Hospital. The Hotel was reopened a restored to its original grandeur.  Many came, were treated and died. Several of the ghost stories come from this era that they say wander the hotel.  
During our tour we had a chance to go into Theodora room, Michael's room and the Morgue.  We found orbs when we went back through our photos.  By Theodora's room we found yellow and orange orbs that showed up in the hallway by a door frame and then showed up around Dustin when he was pretending to look for his keys like Theodora is known for doing when she has been sighted.  This was a yellow and orange smaller orbs. Which carry a meaning of warning and protector orbs.
Then we experienced an orb outside around the crew after we came out from the morgue.  it was an orange orb.  Orange orbs are known to paranormal investigators as orbs that have assumed the role of a protector.  This orb was very strong and big. You can check out more photos of the orbs in the gallery at the bottom of this article.

Find out about one of the most famous haunted hotels, The Crescent Hotel by watching interviews below.

            Room 419 -Theodora's Room Part 1


            Room 419 -Theodora's Room Part 2


                Stairwell and Michael's room 218

                      Michael's room 218 Part 2


                             Morgue Part 1


                            Morgue Part 2


                           Morgue Part 3


                            Morgue Part 4


You can find out more information on ghost tours by going to: Crescent Hotel Ghost ToursCheck out Gallery below.