October 9, 2017

CW Premiere Week Starts Today!

Premiere week is here for the CW!  All your favorite CW shows return with all new episodes this week! It all starts tonight at 7pm.

Here is a list of where you can find The Arkansas CW in our area.
Antenna: 29.2 or 40.2
Cox Cable:  4 or  2004
AT&T U-verse: 30 or 1030
DirecTV: 41
DISH: 21 

Supergirl - Tonight 7pm
Kara finds a renewed sense of purpose when a dangerous threat attacks National City. Catch the season premiere of Supergirl tonight at 7!

Valor - Tonight 8pm
Two members of the Army’s elite Shadow Rangers helicopter unit are torn between duty, honor and desire on the series premiere of Valor tonight at 8! 

The Flash - Tuesday 7pm
The Flash team resorts to desperate measures to stop a powerful armored villain Tuesday on the season premiere at 7!

Legends Of Tomorrow - Tuesday 8pm
DC's Legends Of Tomorrow find themselves in Aruba after breaking time on the season premiere Tuesday at 8!

Riverdale - Wednesday 7pm
Find out the fate of Fred Andrews on the season premiere of Riverdale Wednesday at 7! 

Dynasty - Wednesday 8pm
Pop the champagne! The Rolls Royce of all primetime soaps is finally here. Don’t miss the series premiere of Dynasty Wednesday at 8!

Supernatural - Thursday 7pm
The Winchester brothers must put their differences aside and determine the fate of Lucifer’s son, Jack, Thursday on the season premiere of Supernatural at 7! 

Arrow - Thursday 8pm
Still pulling double duty as Mayor Queen and the Green Arrow, Oliver has added a third role to his repertoire: father. Don’t miss the Arrow season premiere Thursday at 8!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Friday 7pm
After being left at the altar, Rebecca is desperate for revenge. Find out what happens on the season premiere of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Friday at 7!

Jane The Virgin - Friday 8pm
Ay Dios mio! Jane is face to face with her first love, Adam Friday on the season premiere of Jane The Virgin at 8!