October 30, 2017

Crew checks out the Haunted Basin Park Hotel in Eureka Springs

As part of the Do The Ozarks Halloween Series we stop by the Basin Park Hotel in Eureka Springs to check what haunts could be found.  Not only did we find a treasure trove of history, we found some ghost with a new app! 

We had lot fun with this new app, it is called Ghost Hunting Tools (Detector)  We downloaded it to our phones and checked out the hotel!  This ghost detecting tool translate frequency into letters that form words.  Check out the ghost stories we heard about and what we saw with our ghost detector by watching the video below.

Ballroom Part 1

Ballroom Part 2

Speakeasy Room

Hotel Hauntings on room floors

Spa Deck On Second Floor and Stairwell 

For more information on the Spirits of the Basin Tour at the hotel click here.

Photo Gallery