September 11, 2016

Beastmode For The Brave Run Across America

One runner, one journey and one dedicated team on a mission. Their mission is to raise awareness for growing issues and get them the necessary medical and resource help our veterans need after returning home from battle.  They hope in the process they will inspire others to participate. The donations collected directly benefit American Sniper Chris Kyle's Guardian for Heroes Foundation.

The Runner:

George Chmiel, Extreme Athlete 

George Chmiel: Endurance Runner and Visionary-photo from

George will run across America in 60 days!  Yes that you read correctly.  A sixty day run across the United States.  He is on a mission to pay homage to our Veterans and help bring awareness to the serious issues facing our american heroes when they return home from the horrors of battle.

He has a team of loyal patriots who have put their lives on hold to help with this 60 day run and provide support for George Chmiel.

George will run 50 miles per day for 60 days a total of 3,002 miles across 14 states.  There will be 6 events to benefit Guardian for Heroes Foundation that is helping treat the invisible wounds of war.

On October 21st George's route will bring him to Rogers, Arkansas and this will put him more than halfway through his journey.  He will run to Cross Church in Rogers, Arkansas for a benefit concert surrounded by veterans, current military and support from the entire Northwest Arkansas area.   You can join Beastmode for the Brave and Guardian for Heroes Foundation concert and honor our heroes. Just go to this link to purchase your tickets.  or You can read more about the foundation and all events surrounding George's run across America by clicking here: