May 3, 2018

Writer and Cast member Charlene deGuzman speeks about her film "Unlovable"

Jeremy sat down with Charlene deGuzman whose film "Unlovable" which is a competitive-featured narrative film in the Bentonville Film Festival. Check out her interview below.


Director(s): Suzi Yoonessi
Writer(s): Charlene deGuzman, Sarah Adina Smith & Mark Duplass
Producer(s): Executive Producers: Suzi Yoonessi Mark Duplass Jay Duplass; Producer: Jen Roskind; Co-Producer: Louise Shore
Charlene deGuzman (JOY), John Hawkes (JIM), Paul James (BEN), Ellen Geer (NANA), Melissa Leo (MADDIE)

Joy (Charlene deGuzman) has a huge gaping hole in her soul. She tries to fill it with romance but what she's gets is never enough; she always needs more. She's used to crashing and burning -- that is until she ends up losing not only her latest boyfriend, but also her job and home.

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