May 16, 2018

We spoke with the Director Jenna Laurenzo and Actress Caitlin Mehner about their BFF Award winning film "Lez Bomb".

We spoke with the Director Jenna Laurenzo and Actress Caitlin Mehner about their film "Lez Bomb".  We also spoke with the executive producers about an award they were presenting at the festival being given to a film maker.  This film was entered as Competition - Narrative  in the Bentonville Film Festival. "Lez Bomb" is about closeted young woman brings her girlfriend home for Thanksgiving, only to have her coming out efforts thwarted by the unexpected arrival of her male roommate.

*2018 Bentonville Film Festival winner.  "Lez Bomb" won a Jury award for Best Narrative Film at the festival.

Director Jenna Laurenzo and Actress Caitlin Mehner 

Executive Producers Dani Leonard and Alex Cirillo talk about the film and the award being presenting at the Festival.

Director: Jenna Laurenzo
Writer: Jenna Laurenzo
Producers: Bobby Farrelly, Martin Sprock, Rob Moran, Ryan R. Johnson, Jenna Laurenzo
Jenna Laurenzo (Lauren), Caitlin Mehner (Hailey), Brandon Micheal Hall (Austin), Deirdre O'Connell (Rose), Kevin Pollak (George), Cloris Leachman (Josephine), Bruce Dern (Grandpa), Steve Guttenberg (Mike), Elaine Hendrix (Maggie), Rob Moran (Ken), Davram

Lez Bomb is a multigenerational comedy of errors featuring a young woman (Lauren) who comes home for the holidays with some life changing news. Little does Lauren know, the eccentric cast of characters have their own stirring surprises as well.

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