May 17, 2018

We spoke to the some of the cast and filmmakers from the film "Banana Season" at the Bentonville Film Festival

We spoke to the some of the cast and filmmakers 
from the film "Banana Season".  Eve Rydberg, James Kyson, Brennan Stacker, Sanghoon Lee and James Choi were in attendance.  This film was entered as a Competition - Feature Narrative in the Bentonville Film Festival.  "Banana Season" is story true love, friendship and taking flight.  

Eve Rydberg, James Kyson, Brennan Stacker

Sanghoon Lee and James Choi

Directors: Sanghoon Lee
Writers: Sanghoon Lee, John Chang and David Pederson
Producer: James Choi
James Kyson (Sun), Pancho Moler (Peter), Eve Rydberg (May), Brennan Stacker (Briana)

Banana Season tells the story of a pivotal point in time for two individuals in the endless season of their lives. A tale of true love, friendship and taking flight, Banana Season is a glimpse into the lives of ordinary souls, all at the point in their lives when they flower or fade.

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