May 16, 2018

We spoke to the filmmakers and cast from the film "Surviving Home" at the Bentonville Film Festival.

We spoke to the filmmakers and cast from the film "Surviving Home". Which was Directors/Writers/Producers Jillian Moul and Matthew Moul, plus, Veteran Tracey Cooper-Harris and Veteran Bobby Henline. This film was a Competitive-Documentary in the Bentonville Film Festival.  "Surviving Home" is a film about veterans who survived the war, yet over the years, must find their own way to survive and thrive back home.

Directors: Jillian Moul, Matthew Moul
Writers: Jillian Moul, Matthew Moul
Producers: Jillian Moul, Matthew Moul
Claude AnShin Thomas, Tracey Cooper-Harris, Robert Henline, Richard Green, Jeff Prutz

Surviving Home is an intimate, vérité-driven documentary that follows four generations of veterans over an eight year period as they rebuild their lives after war. 

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