May 14, 2018

We spoke to filmmakers about their episodics Brooklynification and From Jappan

Director Keith Miller and Writer Christopher Roy Poindexter of the film "Brooklynification" and Director: Raj Trivedi of the film "From Jappan" spoke to us about their films.  Check out the interview below.

*2018 Bentonville Film Festival Winner.  "Brooklynification" won an Audience Award for "Best Episodic".

Director: Raj Trivedi
Writer: Raj Trivedi
Producer: Ophelia Harutyunyan   
Liba Vaynberg (Riley), Aiden Eyrick (young Jappan), Purva Bedi (Mom), Siraj Huda (Dad), Marcia Berry (Mrs. Farley) 

The pilot episode for a series about an Indian-American family in suburban United States. The series follows Jappan and his family over the twenty years after their immigration to the US, and explores their experiences through a comedic perspective. 

Film Facebook:

Director: Keith Miller
Writer: Christopher Roy Poindexter
Producer: Joyce Mishaan
Karl Williams (Dr. P), Felecia Harrelson (Dawn Honore), Lamar Cheston (Dalton Honore), Tallie Medel (Amy)

 A mother and father struggle to maintain and protect their son’s authentic black self in a predominately white private school. It takes a frank conversation with the principal to help the father adjust to his son's new surroundings.

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