May 8, 2018

We had a chance to speak with the director, writer and one of the cast members from the film "The Honor List".

We had a chance to speak with the director Elissa Down, writer Marilyn Fu and actress Meghan Rienks from Lionsgate's new film "The Honor List".  The film world premiered the first night of the Bentonville Film Festival.  This is a film made by women, for women, it explores the complexities of friendships, family, love, loss, and high school.

The Honor List Interview

Director(s): Elissa Down
Writer(s): Marilyn Fu
Producer(s): Liz Destro
Meghan Rienks (“Piper”), Sasha Pieterse (“Isabella”), Karrueche Tran (“Sophie”), Arden Cho (“Honor”), Ethan Peck (“Dillon”), and Chris Mason (“Aaron”) 
When one of them suddenly passes away, they reluctantly put their differences aside and reunite to complete a forgotten bucket list, empowering them to honor every day like it’s their last.
Piper, Sophie, Isabella, and Honor are inseparable; by senior year, they barely speak.

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