May 18, 2018

Jeremy sat down with Director Robin Hauser to talk about her film "Bias" that was in the Bentonville Film Festival.

Jeremy sat down with Director: Robin Hauser to talk about her film "Bias".  This Film was entered as a Competition - Feature Documentary in the Bentonville Film Festival.  "Bias" is about a test that measures unconscious biases: the Harvard-based Implicit Association Test, or IAT. After Robin takes the IAT, she is shocked by her results and embarks on an investigation into the nature of human bias. 

Director: Robin Hauser
Writer: Jack Youngelson
Producers: Robin Hauser, Christie Herring
Mahzarin Banaji, Anthony Greenwald, Iris Bohnet, Abby Wambach, Jerry Kang, Ron Tyler, Libby Schaaf 

Bias is a film that challenges us to confront our hidden biases and understand what we risk when we follow our gut. Through exposing her own biases, award-winning documentary filmmaker Robin Hauser  highlights the nature of implicit bias, the grip it holds on our social and professional lives, and what it will take to induce change.

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