May 5, 2018

Director Kendall Goldberg and Actor Jon Heder talk about their Film "When Jeff Tried To Save The World".

Actor Jon Heder, Director Kendall Goldberg and Crew member Jeremy Turner
We had a chance to sit down with Director Kendall Goldberg and Actor Jon Heder  to talk about their film "When Jeff Tried to Save the World".  The film is entered as Competition - Feature Narrative in the Bentonville Film Festival.  Check out their interview below.

Director Kendall Goldberg and Actor Jon Heder Part 1

Director Kendall Goldberg and Actor Jon Heder  Part 2

When Jeff Tried to Save the World
Director(s): Kendall Goldberg
Writer(s): Kendall Goldberg, Rachel Borgo
Producer(s): Shane Simmons, Kendall Goldberg, Jimmy Seargeant, Sam Slate
Jon Heder (Jeff), Brendan Meyer (Stanford), Anna Konkle (Lindy), Maya Erskine (Samantha), Steve Berg (Frank), Candi Milo (Sheila), Jim O'Heir (Carl)
Jeff (Jon Heder) is the manager of an old-school bowling alley called Winky’s World. Everyday he is the first to arrive and the last to leave. He has memorized the shoe sizes of community regulars and the quirks of his fellow employees. Routine is Jeff’s middle name, and it’s up to him to keep everything and everyone in order.  Jeff is forced to face the reality that his life as he knows it may slip out of his grip.

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