May 3, 2018

Director and Producer of "Rust Creek" Talks About Their Featured Narrative Film

Director Jen McGowan
Director and producer of "Rust Creek" talks about their competitive-featured narrative film at the Bentonville Film Festival.  Jen McGowan and Stu Pollard sit down with Jeremy to talk about "Rust Creek". Check out their interviews below.

Interview with Jen McGowan-Rust Creek

Interview with Stu Pollard and Jen McGowan

Director(s): Jen McGowan
Writer(s): Julie Lipson
Producer(s): Stu Pollard
Hermione Corfield (Sawyer Scott), Jay Paulson (Lowell Pritchert), Sean O'Bryan (Sheriff O'Doyle), Micah Hauptman (Hollister Pritchert)
When an overachieving college senior road trip becomes a life-changing fight for survival in the wilds of eastern Kentucky.

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