October 27, 2017

The Crew Checks Out Ghost Stories at the Ft Smith Museum of History

We start our Do The Ozarks Halloween Series with a trip to the The Fort Smith Museum of History.  Over the next few days leading up to Halloween we will be posting more haunted places around around area.  

The Fort Smith Museum of History was our first stop on our list of haunted places we wanted to visit in our area.  The museum was established in 1910.  This museum strives to preserve over 40,000 artifacts from the city's and surrounding region's history.  You can go here to find out more about visiting hours and upcoming events. Click for more info fortsmithmuseum.org .

With so much history gathered in one place, comes plenty of ghost stories.  We had a chance to check out some of these stories with the help from Caroline Speir Historical Interpreter/Exhibit Designer of the Fort Smith Museum of History.  We experienced several unexplained things while we were there. This included our camera bagged being moved not once but twice to a floor we weren't on.  A child's hand prints showing up on a piano top and by and old doll house, plus two blue orbs showing up at night in front of the museum.  Check out 9 episodes below from our visit to the museum.
(picture taken to the above right on Oct 7th 2017 -two blue orbs by front door of museum)

Part 1 -introduction to museum and info

Part 2-basement

Part 3-2nd Floor

Part 4-Judge Parker's courtroom exhibit

Part 5-3rd Floor-Closed to public

Part 6-4th Floor-Closed to public

Part 6-4th Floor-Closed to public

Part 7-1st Floor-The Dolls

Part 8 -The Crew Checks out the museum

Part 9-1st Floor-Ice Cream Parlor  

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