January 6, 2017

Temperatures not keeping George Chmiel from his Beastmode run across America.

Even with freezing temperatures, George Chmiel continues the last part of his journey.  So far he has ran 2,655.71 Miles. George started his run across America on September 11th in San Diego, California.  He has ran through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee.  He is currently running through the state of Virginia nearing Washington D.C. and will finish in New York City.  

James Welch, George Chmiel, John Meaux, Tucker Ballister and not shown Brian Fahmie

"One of my favorite pics from this journey." Said Beastmode For The Brave runner George Chmiel, "To me it symbolizes how hard this team works each and every day."  

The team has been working hard organizing a finish line ceremony at Ground Zero. Plus, producing videos for media, arranging interviews and whole lot more. Including George running 50 miles in the cold even though he was sick.  

Every day this team faces new challenges and obstacles but the continues to find away around them and push forward to their end goal.  They are very proud of what they are doing supporting our vets everyday! #beastmodeforthebrave

Information and pictures provided by Beastmode for the Brave Team
 and  George Chmiel's instagram. 

You can click here to see where George is on his run!