October 17, 2016

George Chmiel makes it to Texas! Beastmode for the Brave

 George Chmiel continues his run across America for the Beastmode for the Brave run.  As of October 16th, George was 29 days into his run completing 899.82 miles of his two month journey.  George started his run across America on September 11th in San Diego, California.  

He has ran through California, Arizona, New Mexico and has reached Texas.  He will arrive in Arkansas later this week for a concert to benefit the Guardian for Heroes Foundation on Friday October 21st at Cross Church 6:30PM with Jeremy Camp  
You can help show your support in cities he will be arriving to throughout his journey.  For more information or tickets to concerts go here to learn more.  

What it is all about!

Day 28

Welcome to Texas!

Signing of the RV

Day 26

Day 25

Information and pictures provided by Beastmode for the Brave Team
 and  George Chmiel's instagram. 

You can click here to see where George is on his run!