October 5, 2016

Beastmode for the Brave Runner Makes it to New Mexico despite obsticles...

George Chmiel continues his run across America for the Beastmode for the Brave run.  As of October 4th, George was 22 days into his run completing 650.79 miles of his two month journey.  George started his run across America on September 11th in San Diego, California.  He has ran through California, Arizona and has now reached New Mexico. 

Day 21 Running Through High desert

Over the last couple of weeks, George has made it through a collapse on the Mexican border, being rushed by border patrol, rattlesnakes, flash flood, rock slide and massive lightning storm.  

Besides the obstacles George has been enduring, the team continues to run into obstacles also and they continue to press on with a "Whatever It Takes!" attitude.  Including their GMC from Everett Chevrolet here in Northwest Arkansas which has been getting them through the elements like a champ!   

You can catch up on his journey video below.

Day 20

Lightning Storm- Day 19

Flash Flooding and rock slide-Day 18

One tough GMC! Day 17

You can help show your support in cities he will be arriving to throughout his journey.  For more information on how you can get involved to  help support this run across America.   

Information provided by Beastmode for the Brave Team and George Chmiel's instagram. 
You can click here to see where George is on his run!