July 21, 2017

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July 14, 2017

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July 6, 2017

The Crew grabs a bite to eat at Silver Dollar City!

Jenna had the opportunity to talk to the Director of Food and Beverage, Sam Hedrick, about all of the tasty food can expect to find at Silver Dollar City.  Check out the interview below!

Go here for more information on tickets or calendar for events held at Silver Dollar City.

June 30, 2017

We made a stop at the Silver Dollar Saloon

We had a chance to swing by the Silver Dollar Saloon.  We spoke with some of the entertainers about some of the shows you can see while at the park.  Click on the interviews below.

You can click here to go to Silver Dollar website for more information on tickets and hours of operation. 

We stopped by the Blacksmith Shop at Silver Dollar City in Branson

Dustin checked out the blacksmith shop at Silver Dollar City in Branson.  He had a chance to find out about the craftsmanship that goes into making all the cool stuff in the shop.  Check out the interviews below.

You can click here to go to Silver Dollar website for more information on tickets and hours of operation. 


June 29, 2017

Silver Dollar City Attraction Supervisor spoke with us about ride attractions at the park

Dustin had a chance to speak with Silver Dollar City's Attraction Supervisor Nick about more than 30 rides and other amusement park attractions.  Check out the interviews about their rollercoasters and other rides below.

Go here for more information on tickets or calendar for events held at Silver Dollar City.

June 28, 2017

We stopped at Silver Dollar City in Branson to see what was going on this Summer!

Over the next couple of days we will be posting our trip to Silver Dollar City in Branson.  We had a chance to see what they have going on this summer at the park.  Check out the interviews with Zachary Sims park representative and Eva  & Delilah's Bakery below.

After entering the park we hung out with the folks at Eva and Delilah's Bakery.  We even had a chance to help make some cinnamon rolls!

Silver Dollar City is located in Branson, Missouri and is a major theme park for the whole family. Not only are there over 30 rides and amusement park attractions but there is 40 shows a day. They have preserved the 1880's Ozark Culture with over 100 craftsmen demonstrating everything form glass blowing to candy making. 

Go here for more information on tickets or calendar for events held at Silver Dollar City.

June 27, 2017

Check out The Runaway Mountain Coaster in Branson!

We stopped by The Runaway Mountain Coaster Adventure Park during our trip to Branson.  The Runaway Mountain Coaster is a ride that uses natural topography of the area for a self controlled trip up the mountainside and exciting trip back down.  The Crew had a chance to try out the ride while we were there.  Check out the interview and Dustin's trip down the mountain! 

The Runaway Mountain Coaster is located at 935 MO-165 Branson MO.   You can go here for more information on the ride and operating hours.  bransonalpinemountaincoaster.com


June 21, 2017

The Crew Checks out Fritz's Adventure in Branson

The Crew had a chance to stop by Fritz's Adventure located in Branson.  This is a family fun attraction located on the strip.  It brings the exciting and challenging outdoor adventure into a multi-dimensional indoor environment.  80,000 square feet where  you can enjoy elements of the world around you.  Check out the video of the crew and an interview with the manger below.

You can go to http://www.fritzsadventure.com/ for more information on tickets and hours of operation.


June 20, 2017

Cw Fall 2017 Premiere Dates

Get ready for fall!  The CW has announced premiere dates for the 2017 fall line-up.  The season kicks off on Monday, Oct. 9th.  Check out the graphic below to find out when your favorite CW show premieres! 

June 16, 2017

Presleys' Country Jubilee celebrating their 50th Anniversary!

The Presleys are celebrating their 50th anniversary!  During our visit to Branson, we had a chance to stop by and talk to them about their family entertainment attraction "Presleys Country Jubilee" located in Branson, Arkansas.  

In 1967 the Presleys built the first LIVE music theater in Branson.  They continue to entertain with country, gospel, bluegrass and hilarious comedy.  Check out their interviews below.

Video of performances provided by Presleys' Country Jubilee

Help the Presleys celebrate their 50th Anniversary!!!
Go to Presleys.com for information on their shows
Go here for tickets and calendar.

If you want to read more about the history of the Presleys go here.

June 14, 2017

"Do The Ozarks" Branson trip second stop was Showboat Branson Belle

"Do the Ozarks" lands in Branson! Second stop is the Showboat Branson Belle.  The Showboat Branson Belle is a showboat that floats on the Table Rock Lake near Branson, Missouri. 

The showboat is 278 ft and was launched August 12th, 1994.  It is America's most entertaining dining cruise with an unforgettable experience for the whole family.  
The Crew had a chance to experience this two hour cruise and the delicious 3 course meal prepared by the ships galley.  

That night we had a chance to sample a great meal.  Chicken and pot roast with vegetables. mash potatoes, salad with roll and a very delicious ice cream cake dessert made at Silver Dollar City! 

We were entertained by the amazing show and live music performed with our meal.  Check out what the cast and crew of the Showboat Branson Belle had to say about the voyage!

Go here to get your tickets for a great experience and lot entertainment for lunch or dinner!  

Showboat Branson Belle is located at 4800 MO-165 Branson Mo 65616

They are open 9:30 AM to 6 PM.  Go here for calendar of events.


June 12, 2017

Native American Symposium held at the Museum of Native American History

We had a chance to check out the Native American Cultural Symposium at the Museum of Native American History in Bentonville, Arkansas during their preparation for their weekend event that was held on June 2, 3 and 4th.  We had a chance to speak with some of the guest speakers.  Check out their interviews below.

For more information on events at the The Museum of Native American History in Bentonville, Arkansas go to 

List of sponsors of the 2017 Native American Symposium held at the History of Native American Museum.

May 31, 2017

We had a chance to chat with the band Kazha at the Arkansas Anime Festival

Masaya Kondo, Hideki Matsushige, Kazuha Oda and Dustin Lynch
Dustin had the honor of speaking with lead singer and bassist Kazuha Oda, guitarist Hideki Matsushige and drummer Masaya Kondo.  Check out their interview below.

Kazha is a 3 piece rock band from Japan.  Kazuha Oda has worked with world wide performers including Grammy award winner Bob James.   Lead Singer and bassist Kazuha Oda's work has appeared in iTunes top 100 charts in several different countries.  The band's first album was released in 2010 "Overture". Since then, Kazha has released another album "Evolution" in 2013
Kazha has been performing in world famous venues across the United States including A Go Go in Las Angeles, Rockhouse Live in Memphis, sharing the stages with Gilby Clarke, Linch Mob, Tantric, Trapt and L.A. Guns. Kazha is working on a third album. They are playing at big venues across the country and in Memphis, Tennessee. You can also catch them nationwide at anime festivals and comic cons.  You can go here to find a city near you, Kazha.net . Coming up over the next few weeks, they will be playing on June 9, 10 and 11th at Anime Festival Orlando and June 30th-July 1st and 2nd at Sausomecon in Kansas City.

You can keep up with everything KAZHA by going to any of these links:
Kazha.net, Kazha Facebook Page, Kazha Official Twitter.  Kazha Official Instagram


May 27, 2017

Arkansas Anime Festival is Firing it up at the Fort Smith Convention Center this weekend!

Anime Festival began on Friday.  You can still come down and participate Saturday and Sunday!  Last night we had a chance to watch the Fire show put on by "Bound by Fire".   Today you can hang out with other special guest.  

Leah Clark, voice actress

Musical Guest:
International Rock Band from Japan, Kazha!

The Arkansas CW Crew!

You can find a complete list of guest by clicking here.

Get your tickets now! For tickets and other event information go to  Arkansas Anime Festival Website now!

The Arkansas Anime Festival is Arkansas' largest and longest running anime and gaming convention.